The bed bug is a tiny culprit who sucks the human’s blood and lives. They spread many communicable diseases when they bite us. They are so tiny that, it is nearly impossible for us to notice it, but when they bite us we develop rashes and there will be many red spots near the bed bug bite spot, this confirms the presence of bed bugs. Thus Pest Control Sydney for bed bugs is must because solving the BED BUG INFESTATION is harder than PEST CONTROL methods.



Bed bugs are not only found in the bedding area, but they also spread initially through:

  1. They are found to spread most in places where there are many people. Places such as part, hotel, railways stations, basically any public place.
  2. They also spread through animals. Animals like dog and cat. So if you have a pet dog or cat, make sure to keep it clean.


  1. The bed bugs can live without food for several weeks. So they are known to live in empty houses and empty rooms too.
  2. In the curtains: Curtains are prone to bed bugs.
  3. Carpet edges: The bed bug one of the perfect places to reside is carpeted edges.
  4. Corners of the furniture and cabinets.
  5. Also, on or around the cracks in the bedding.

These are few places in the house which are more prone to bed bug.

The detection of bed bugs is harder when compared to other pests and insects. Thus one needs professionals to do this job. Only they can provide proper measures to remove BED BUG INFESTATION and to measures to prevent it.



There are many ways in which you can get rid of bed bugs, but the bed bug removal specialists suggest few effortless and effective methods to get rid of them such as:

  1. Apply pesticides to places where bed bugs reside.
  2. Apply odorless sprays for pest control of bed bugs.
  3. Apply insecticides to the affected areas.
  4. Intense cleaning such as scrubbing the floor rather than vacuuming will help.
  5. Above all, the most important step is to keep our environment and pets clean always.

If you are not able to detect any bed bug but yet suffer from unusual allergic reactions then better call Bed Bug Control Specialists to provide the best way for bed bug removal to get rid of them.


Bed bug treatment can only be done by experts and professionals correctly because it requires a lot of experience and skills to perform this PEST CONTROL SERVICE. They exactly know which method and which chemical to be used to treat the bed bugs because not all pesticides will work against the bed bugs. Only specific pesticides work in the right way for BED BUG REMOVAL.


The bed bug removal needs the right treatment which only well-trained experts and skilled professionals can provide it. Call Ezy Clean Pest, Pest Control Melbourne service providers can help you out with the best solution using the latest techniques and to have a bed bug free house after the service we provide you.

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How to Get Rid of Termites?

There are various pests all around the world which trouble us. But the most damage causing is a termite.Termite feeds on wood which may be any wood including your doors and furniture. They can cause a lot of damage to the house and property. Once the infestation starts, you should take measures to get rid of it. It is always recommended to hire Pest Control Sydney Services for termite infestations. They will completely remove termite infestation. However if the termite infestation is very small and not a serious infestation, you can take some steps to get rid of the termites. Here are some ways to get rid of termite infestation.

Ways to Get Rid of Termite Infestation.

First of all, you have to track the infestation. Look for signs of Termite Infestations such as hollow sounding wood. Once you have found the source of infestations, you can employ the following methods.

  • Sunlight
    Once you find the infested wood, you can expose it to sunlight a few days. Termites are fond of darkness. The heat and light of the sun will kill all the termites infesting the piece of wood.
  • Freezing
    If for some reason there is no sun like in rainy season and if the infestation is small and only affecting small furniture, you can freeze it. Place the affected furniture in a big freezer for a few days. The low temperature will eliminate all the termites and get rid of the infestation.
  • Using Boric Acid
    Boric acid is one of the easiest ways to kill termites. If the affected area cannot be moved, you can use boric acid. It is the main component of many chemicals used by termite exterminators. Coat or spray the wood evenly with boric acid to kill the termites.
  • Termite killing agents.
    You can buy termite killing agents used by professionals from your local store. Since the infestation is small, any kind of agent will work. Make sure you are properly covered and wearing a mask. Spray the affected wood several times with some gaps in between. This will kill any small infestation.

Seek Professional Help, Hire Our Company

If the infestation is serious and not going away, you should seek professional help. Ezy Clean Pest provides superior exterminator services for termites or any kind of pests. For Professional Pest Control Melbourne Services contact us. Our experts provide quick and appropriate solutions to your problems. With the help of modern technology and tools, our expert services are unmatched.

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How to Kill Cockroaches or Ants Without Pesticide?


If there’s one thing the human race collectively hates it is the cockroaches. They are just straight up creepy. Ants, on the other hand, are tiny but troublesome creatures that can just about get inside anything.

Everyone at one point have to deal with roaches and ants. What Pest Control measures can be taken to get rid of them once and for all?

There are different types of pesticides available in the market for these trouble-causing creatures, however, the pesticides are harmful to humans and pets as well.

Don’t worry,  if you don’t want to use harmful chemical infested pesticides you can make better and safer pesticides to kill roaches and ants at home.


Homemade pesticides to kill roaches and ants

  1. Boric acid kills the roaches and ants whereas flour attracts these pests. All you need to do is mix one cup of boric acid with a cup of flour and add enough water to make a think solution. Make sure you are wearing gloves while mixing the components. Put the solution in small bowls or lids of jar and place it where cockroaches and ants prone area like cabinets drawers and under the fridge. Make sure the solution is out of reach of children and pets.
  2. If Boric acid is not available you can use Borax with sugar to get rid of cockroaches and ants. Mix two parts borax with one part of sugar and top it up with a few drops of peppermint. You can either sprinkle the mixture around the places where roaches or ants often come or you can add water to make it into liquid, soak cotton balls and put it around the house.
  3. Baking Soda and sugar- this is the easiest Reliable Pest Control mixture to make as everyone has baking soda lying around their house. Baking soda acts as poison to cockroaches and ants whereas sugar is bait to attract them. Mix equal parts baking soda and sugar and your pest killing mixture is ready. Place it where roaches and ants can find it. It works best if you place a bowl of water next to it as drinking water speeds up the reaction of baking soda.

Using natural Best Pest Control Sydney measures will save money and time of hiring a professional.  With homemade pest control measures, you don’t have to introduce harmful chemical to your household.

In case of a huge infestation which homemade pest control measures cannot control, make sure you hire pest control professionals who use environment-friendly measures. It is important to make sure your pest control officers are experienced, licensed and do not use environment damaging chemicals or those harmful to your pets and children.

Prevention is better than cure is the mantra here. To avoid a huge infestation, avoid leaving food unattended and open for long. Covering dustbins and disposing the trash on time are equally important as well. Roaches infestation can be gnarly to deal with. Protect your household, your kids, your pets and yourself, of course!

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Riddex and Home Pest Control

Pests in the house are annoying guests, bring disease with them and can destroy our physical spaces. Today, with technological advances, the inventions that have been developed have modernized today’s pest control.

Beginning with the pursuit of any existing colony of individual pests or rodents, barricades such as barbed wire, metal fences and the like, pest repellent systems have become digital and electronic.

Compared to traditional pest control methods, these electronic methods have several advantages. The main advantage is the minimal damage to the environment, and almost null toxicity level and there are not secondary effects like killing pets due to the poison of some pesticide.


Being excellent professionals at the time to eradicate the pest, home Pest Control Sydney services implement sophisticated methods to help you.

First of all, many of the traditional methods of pest control require extensive use of chemicals. While effective against pests, the same toxins can affect pets and perhaps even humans living in the home.

Conventional rat poison is known to kill pets. On the other hand, electronic pest repellents, especially ultrasonic ones, work by emitting high-frequency waves that are not audible to humans and pets, but keep pests away.

Handling chemicals or rodent traps is best done with an exterminator. It requires the presence of an unknown stranger at home and this is something most of us are not comfortable with.


Most electronic devices, especially ultrasonic pest repellents, do not require installation. They simply need to be plugged into a socket and start working.

In addition, electronic repellents have proven to be more effective against pests than traditional methods. Which is a huge advantage because they reduce the expenses to the owner of the house.


In some cases, pests, especially insects, are known to live within the walls of the home. Chemicals and toxins do not reach these animals and are therefore not very effective. However, an ultrasonic repellent keeps even this away.

In the case of an electromagnetic repellent, the main effect is on the pests that live inside the walls. The biggest front on which digital methods triumph over traditional methods is the cost factor.

Chemicals must be replaced and cost a lot of money, sometimes several thousand dollars. On the other hand, digital devices are a unique investment of much lower capital.

One of the most popular pest repellents, electronic or ultrasonic, and our personal favorite is Riddex. It simply needs to be plugged in and the device starts to work by emitting high frequency pulses that do not affect people or pets. And that’s a reliever in several ways, you don’t need to be concerned for a chemical to harm your pets.

Several studies have shown it to be effective in both keeping pests away and preventing them from entering the home.

If you would like to use this or any other method that you feel comfortable with and that you really need depending on the type of pest, contact experts to help you control the pest in your home or worksite.

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